The National Quilt Museum

quilt museum My friend Nell and I took a trip to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.  It was a great trip and I’m really glad we visited the museum.   There were several different exhibits, and the museum has a huge collection, which they rotate so the quilts on display are always different.  I was very impressed by the design, artistry and workmanship.  Below are a couple of illustrations from the Museum’s website – they don’t allow photography.  The museum is well worth a visit if one is in the area (or up for a road trip).  It is hard to imagine that the two lovely pieces below are quilts! portofcassis-sm Forest Walk Lo-Rez `






Paducah was a nice little town – it has a restored oldtown/downtown right by the river.  The rivers were swollen with recent rain, and there were serious thunderstorms in the area while we were there.  We also visited a couple of fabric stores – my friend is participating in the “Row by Row” experience and she wanted to pick up a couple of patterns.  We can’t imagine Paducah when there are 25,000 visitors for the American Quilt Society convention – I think I’ll skip that, although I may well visit the museum again.  We stayed at a B&B downtown (the 1857) and am glad we did so.  It was lovely and much nicer being there than it would have been if we were in the commercial hotels out by the interstate.


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